Our friend, Subha Narayan Sarcar, who is a fifth year graduate student in the Molecular and Cell Biology Department at UTDallas, Texas was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, a type of blood cancer in September, 2011. Although he showed no symptoms of the disease, it was diagnosed due to excessively low blood platelet count that was disrupting the healing of an existing wound.

He has to undergo two rounds of chemotherapy, which will cost around $37,000 or Rs.16,00,000 (in India). This has to be followed by a bone marrow transplant whose expense is $90,000 or Rs.40,00,000 (in India). Being an international graduate student, neither he himself nor his insurance will cover these expenses. Thus, he decided to go back to India for his treatment as well as for his mental and physical support. His family includes retired father, mother (house wife) and an elder sister from a middle class background who can cover only minor portion of the entire expenses.

We were deeply moved by this sudden outcome, more so because he has no family history for cancer. None of us could believe that this is true and kept praying and wishing that it was a wrong diagnosis, until the final test results were revealed. Being a biologist himself, he has a thorough understanding of his disease and is very bravely coping with the situation. Apart from fighting against his own mental status with a big smile; he is keeping the spirit up for his parents, sister and other family members and friends. Not only is he optimistic to get completely cured, he also desires to come back and complete his doctoral degree. We along with your help are trying to do our best to raise the entire fund for his treatment and make his dreams come true.

Subha has a very amicable nature and would not even hurt a fly. His sweet voice mesmerizes you when he sings. Any help from you is a blessing for Subha and is God-sent.